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Chinese-to-English Organization Name/Address Translation System




Selected Examples of Machine-translated Chinese-to-English Addresses:

1. Address in Chinese:北京市海淀区上地西路6号F6   
No.6-F6, Shangdi West Road, Haidian District, Beijing
Date:2021/2/26 18:32:00   Submitter's ip:
2. Address in Chinese:广东省广州市天河区迎新路6号兴楠创意园1栋102室(小唐仓库)   
Room 102(Xiaotang Warehouse), Building 1, Xingnan Creative Park, No.6, Yingxin Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, Guangdong
Date:2021/2/26 17:20:00   Submitter's ip:
3. Address in Chinese:中国广东省佛山市顺德区北滘镇北滘工业园伟业路10号   
No.10, Weiye Road, Beijiao Industrial Park, Beijiao Town, Shunde District, Foshan, Guangdong, China
Date:2021/2/26 16:58:00   Submitter's ip:
4. Address in Chinese:上海市嘉定区丰庄路450弄   
Lane 450, Fengzhuang Road, Jiading District, Shanghai
Date:2021/2/26 15:56:00   Submitter's ip:
5. Address in Chinese:永丰街道 荣乐西路758弄新理想花园 34号301室   
Room 301, No.34, Xinlixiang Garden, Lane 758, Rongle West Road, Yongfeng Sub-district
Date:2021/2/26 13:06:00   Submitter's ip:
6. Address in Chinese:天津河西区平山道卫星里34号   
No.34, Weixing Li, Pingshan Road, Hexi District, Tianjin
Date:2021/2/26 12:53:00   Submitter's ip:
7. Address in Chinese:上海市徐汇区文定路208号   
No.208, Wending Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai
Date:2021/2/26 11:30:00   Submitter's ip:
8. Address in Chinese:河南省郑州市文化路任寨北街1号联盛大厦B座6单元6楼661室   
Room 661, Floor 6, Unit 6, Liansheng Building B, No.1, Renzhai North Street, Wenhua Road, Zhengzhou, Henan
Date:2021/2/26 13:54:00   Submitter's ip:
9. Address in Chinese:山东省烟台市莱山区长宁路368号五彩都会3号楼   
Building 3, Multi-Color Duhui, No.368, Changning Road, Laishan District, Yantai, Shandong
Date:2021/2/26 11:21:00   Submitter's ip:
10. Address in Chinese:北京市海淀区颐和园路5号17322   
No.5-17322, Yiheyuan Road, Haidian District, Beijing
Date:2021/2/26 11:06:00   Submitter's ip: >>>>More Examples>>>>

Selected Examples of Machine-translated Chinese-to-English Orgnization Names: